The unique art of São Paulo which inspired our 2019 fitness collection

Beco do Bat, known as Batman’s alley, is a bohemian area of São Paulo famous for its vibrant street painting culture, and latterly, the inspiration behind Porto Brazil’s 2019 fitness collection.

The surroundings of Rua Gonçalo Afonso have been transformed into one of the worlds most prominent sanctuaries of this unique artistic movement - an outstanding open-air museum where some of the best graffiti artists from São Paulo have exhibited their work.

The city’s relaxed legal stance towards graffiti has contributed to turning this space into one of the most important hotspots for locals and tourists alike. The walls of Via Madalena’s neighborhood are a mixture of paint and plants, born and raised on the sidewalks of this unmistakable spot.

It was back in the early 80s when this street art tradition started. Suddenly, a drawing of Batman appeared in the alley and inspired the unstoppable creations of dozens of artists that completely covered the suburb in graffiti art.

Graffiti by its nature has a limited life and old paintings are regularly replaced by new ones as time passes by. The changing imagery gives the area a living quality, as styles and pieces evolve and compete for the viewer’s attention.

Beneath this free flowing parade of constantly renewed art though, there are rules and tradition which control the pace of change. With the owner’s permission each artist becomes the curator of the spot where he or she first painted, and has the final say over its use - no rival can paint over existing work.

This mix of respect for form and function, combined with a desire to continually push the boundaries of art and design in new and innovative ways is what inspired Porto Brazil to create the 2019 Fitness collection.

Like the graffiti writers of São Paulo, we’re building on our previous work to produce something simple yet layered, something permanent yet ephemeral, something that seeks to capture, even fleetingly, the attitude and stance of street style. And like the paintings which adorn those walls, our designs both reflect and influence the audience for whom they are created. 


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