Inside Porto Brazil's design studio

It's only eight in the morning, and here we are, already sitting in front of a spectacular selection of colorful patterns that are laying carefully on top of the tailoring table of Porto Brazil's headquarters in Las Rozas (Madrid). If you take a look around, there is plenty of evidence of the talented people who work inside this room. Season 2020 is already underway, but what happened to Summer 2019? The forthcoming season was showcased four weeks ago and is already available online for people to enjoy. Porto Brazil is always ahead of the game.

The brand has a magnificent in-house tailoring and design studio in Las Rozas, Madrid. The members of staff are Brazilian themselves, a talented crew of experts in apparel design, garment fit, and construction, attending to everything from swimsuits, to personalized bikini designs, to restyling many other Brazilian summer clothing garments.

We are inside the studio where the PB team spends a long and busy winter brainstorming and designing items for the shop and online store. This chilly pre-season period is later interrupted by the annual, highly anticipated arrival of the summer season, a vital time of year that requires that everything is in shape and ready to be enjoyed by Porto Brazil's loyal customers. “To be honest, there isn't really anything we cannot do. Our clients just mention their opinions and ideas, and we’re inspired to make them happen”, claims PB's project manager.

This results in a fun, but crazy, 6-month period that often leaves the Porto Brazil workshop spinning before it’s time to move on to a new season of designs. For the rest of the time, Porto Brazil's creative chief is on the move, putting his boundless energy into designs, like the famous sunbathing collections featuring thoughtful swimwear pieces, bikinis, trikinis, and swimsuits.

The technical skills make the PB designs fit well, and their creative skills make them elegant and stylish. This balance of perfecting technical skills and exercising creativity is a helpful model for approaching upcoming projects.

Within the outstanding new Porto Brazil bikini collection is another lesson to bring to tailoring. The whole project features a refreshing take on Brazilian nature, combining cheerful colors from the bio-diverse rainforests, rivers, cliffs, and coastlines of this fascinating country along with beautiful wildlife prints that will elevate the outfits further.

Porto Brazil emphasizes the importance of buying well-made clothing that fits every occasion. A wide range of quality garments for different kinds of moments: chilling at a swimming pool party, going out for dinner, working out at the gym or attending an evening event. This approach to purchasing stylish clothing has dwindled in popularity, but it’s something that PB hopes will return as they stress on the idea that when you dress for the occasion, your clothes last longer.

The most fun and challenging part of the job is swimsuit and bikini restyling. Porto Brazil pushes very hard to open global minds to the Brazilian way of sunbathing. Combining the edgy Brazilian touch along with European elegance and functionality is no doubt the hottest moment for the PB styling team.

After many months of hard work, once again Porto Brazil unveils another fabulous collection that will surely bring us to the forefront of swimwear style, pushing that comfortable, but at the same time revealing touch of Brazilian bathing culture.

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