Porto Brazil at Mad Cool Festival 2019


Last week Porto Brazil team headed to Valdebebas on the outskirts of the city to check out the hottest ticket in Madrid - the Mad Cool festival. After a raft of problems plagued the three previous instalments, Mad Cool festival has managed to celebrate its first edition smoothly albeit with a slightly smaller crowd than was planned for.

In collaboration with Porto Brazil, natural water brand Nordic Life was an official sponsor of the festival and provided the assembled partygoers, influencers and fashion and media delegates with Nordic Life bottled water to keep everyone hydrated, healthy and ready to dance over the weekend.

With an average daily attendance of 45,000, this year’s festival was considerably less crowded than the last, which saw crowds of 80,000 plus, but also somewhat shy of the 75,000 maximum capacity of its new home at Valdebebas. On the plus side, this has the advantage of calming the event down and reducing the burden on the festival team and facilities.

With the notable exception of The Cure, who headlined the final day, you’d be hard-pressed to find the kind of big-name groups who graced the stage in 2018 - no Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode or Arctic Monkeys for example. However, after last year’s festival frenzy in which concert and festival ticket sales broke records across Spain, perhaps 2019 was always going to be a return to the norm in some ways.

There’s also an evolution of strategy, with festival organisers widening the net to appeal to groups outside the traditional teenage audience, particularly the bigger spenders in their thirties and forties.

In the end though, as The Cure closed the main stage on Saturday night, the curtain went down on what could be called the first completely successful edition of Mad Cool. An opportunity to experience a diverse musical, emotional and fun weekend that would help any festival groupie remember what they were, realize who they are and dream of what they will become.

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