The Top Fashion Trends of Winter 18/19

Christmas is coming, and many of you are already out and about brimming with endless fashion inspiration. Today, we’re looking at the trends which are set to continue through the remaining months of winter after the Christmas party scene comes to a close.

Emerald green is definitely the colour dominating the streets and stores, and it’s not hard to see why - it matches beautifully with a whole range of skin tones. It’s an elegant and versatile shade which can either define or add detail to a look. For a classic look, try pairing a tailored pale shirt and a black blazer along with a pair of emerald cropped pants.

Sheer skirts can be a challenging trend to follow, but if you’re feeling inspired, there’s a number of ways these simple garments can be worn to boost a basic look. The queens of European street style are going all in on this trend, with confident fashionistas pushing the limits and flaunting a sheer skirt over detailed underwear and a high cut boot. For the less bold among you, how about rocking your skirt over cropped trousers or skinny jeans for a slightly more conservative take on the sheer look.

Looking and feeling sexy isn’t all about tight skirts and provocative necklines - understated confidence can project your sexuality just as well. Team up a power suit with a collared shirt, or dress it down a bit with a casual blazer and tailored trousers over a classic t-shirt.

To elevate your look from standard to street, release your inner fierceness with a pair of vinyl pants twinned with something really out there, such as fur coats, cardigans, knitwear, or puffy bombers with tennis shoes.

Whether you’re a punk, a rocker or a teenybopper you’ll be delighted to learn that one of the most popular 1970s trends has returned, yes, white ankle boots are back and already filling millions of wardrobes over the world. If you tend more towards the preppy look, why not pair them with a pencil skirt and a colourful knit?

For the more laid back, confident look, you could try going for some nice and comfortable sport stripes - they’re not just for the gym. In fact, we’ve seen some trendsetters showcasing striped sport pants with high heels, which is about as far from classic activewear as you can get. You can even dress it up further with a casual blazer over the top for a relaxed look.

Continuing with the preppy perfection, pull on some socks and a strappy pair of heels along with a printed dress or just complete your outfit with a blazer and a tailored pair of cropped pants.

Don´t forget to highlight your look with a big bunch of radiant accessories. These always make a statement - if you look around you will see that printed bags are currently booming out there. Words and fashion were never so equal and powerful as one another, so it's about time they came together. Print your favorite quote on your purse or handbag and let everyone know what inspires you.

To stay warm, but more importantly dry during those winter showers, try a revolutionary leather or vinyl Matrix coat over a pair of fitted black pants and a white high neck sweater. You will certainly revolutionise your look.

Whatever your style, remember that fashion never sleeps - so try and keep up with the latest looks over Christmas, and you’ll be ready to start 2019 ahead of the trend.

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