Ethical and Social Responsability

The quality of our garments speaks for itself. From maintaining vibrant colors, to sun protection and anti-transparency testing, we’ve considered each aspect to ensure your Porto Brazil clothing won’t stretch, sag or deteriorate over time. Our aim is to create confidence in every woman who wears our clothes.

The beauty of the environment which inspires us also requires our protection. That’s why we use only sustainable fabrics, operate low energy and water preserving production methods and manufacture everything locally - minimizing our environmental footprint.


Each garment is made by hand using traditional methods.

We support local fashion manufacturers over global corporations.

Our clothing is chemical-free, uses low dyes and recycled materials.
We use smart technology to minimize energy, fabric and water waste.
We encourage equality in our business environment and stand against discrimination in all forms.
Our promise is to treat our colleagues, customers and partners with fairness and honesty.